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If the animal will not come to them they will respect its boundries and not try to overpower the animal. Taurus are very patient with these sorts of things and animals love them because animals do not trust easily and most animals - even pack animals - mirror the Taurus - they will take all day to come up and say hi and once a Taurus touches the animal the animal is usually won over - trust and a bond is established.

A unhealthy Taurus will let their desire for stability turn into a impatient demand for security - they will corner the animal and force it to be touched - this wont work at all and the unhealthy Taurus will be frustrated by this and lash out.

Remember that Taurus does not form attachments easily and when they do its deep and usually long term. He possesses all these traits especially possesive and I LOVE IT, he makes me feel so safe and secure and like I am the only one for him, even after all these years.

A lot of that stems from the fact that Taurus is actually influenced a lot by Venus which is a feminine sign - thats why a "healthy" Taurus is cautious, sensitive, nurturing,patient and is also where they get their talent for deep unforgettable intimacy. we have an amazing physical and sexually thing going on for us. He definitely loves stability and to feel like he is the only one in the world for me, and how could he not be with his gentle,romantic, loving ways. He was my everything and I swear I would have done anything for him because of all that we have been through together.

I can't help it because I just thought he meant every word and I like confused and hurt about it all C/H Capricorn Taurus's are very tricky.

The whole "friends" thing Taurus has a really hard time with it - it is likely not to work for either of you - either he gets hurt cause he will think you want him around but arent good enough to commit to - or you might get hurt because he will "shun" you once he realizes friends is all it will be. I have been with my taurus for 15 years and he is definitely a true taurus male.we hit it off right off the beat so it been 4 months since we've each other and it only took me like 3 weeks till i was in love. With a "healthy" Taurus if your seeing him and someone else at the same time they are gonna see it as your cheating on them once they get intimate with you..just the way it is...a Taurus bonds with you then they dont exactly see you as "theirs" its more like they cant understand why you would want to be with anyone else....yeah that means exactly how it sounds - this guy fell for you and now he is not AFRAID of gettin hurt - he IS hurt.he told that hes was falling for me but he didn't want to get hurt that's why he pushed me away so Friday he texted me after like 2 weeks could that be a sign that he still in to me. He is SO into you - if he is txting YOU after two weeks of nothing. I didnt mean to imply you werent and sorry if it came off that way....everything you have said shows me that you are a kind, compassionate, person with a great deal of depth of character and morality.yes i do believe that he is hurting by the situation. Now what makes me so hurt and confused about him is that he didnt like just break it off like you know " we're done" and blah blah blah but he did the whole diappearing act on me again and next thing I know he has another in love with her and she is just this "Ah-MAZING" woman and what not..

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